1. Question. How can I create an account in Tamas Application?

Answer: Effortless after you have installed the application follow up the signup procedure. That you need to have a valid e-mail address to validate your account or ask to create an account for you with your mobile number

2. Question: what are the tamas Application Services ?

Answer: Free voice and video calls, text and voice chat, and file sharing.

3. Question: How can I make free calls to other tames users?

Answer: When you install, please add your friend number to the contact list, then click on that and select free call.

4. Question: Tamas has paid call service?

Answer Yes, we offer calls from the application to average mobile to telephone. In that case, if you need to buy credit for buying credit, please contact by e-mail:

5. What type of Tamas application is already developed?

Android and iPhone and web