PC to Phone Rates
Iran 0.11$
Pakistan 0.115$
India 0.07$
Bangladesh 0.07$
Kuwait 0.13$
USA 0.02$
Canada 0.02$
China 0.04$
Nepal 0.17$
Russia 0.05$
UAE 0.20$
Toll Free/ Internation DID numbers
  1. AfgCall offers toll free for 25 countries including Asian countries such as Pakistan, India Turkey and money more European , USA and Canada.
  2. Attractive prices…
DID Number

DID Number is a unique Number which is given for any other country. For example if a person is running a business in India & he wants that the person who is calling from India to his sip number should be charged locally, now here DID number act as a unique feature, we can provide him a number for USA for which we will charge him activation charge of $5 & monthly charge of $7 & the person can talk to the person on a local rate of USA from USA even if a person is in Afghanistan.