PC to Phone Rates
Iran 0.11$
Pakistan 0.115$
India 0.07$
Bangladesh 0.07$
Kuwait 0.13$
USA 0.02$
Canada 0.02$
China 0.04$
Nepal 0.17$
Russia 0.05$
UAE 0.20$
AfgCall Fax Service

What is fax to e-mail service?

You can now receive faxes anywhere, provided you have Internet access! On sign up you will be instantly allocated a personal dedicated fax number, where you will receive your faxes, which will then be forwarded to your E-mail address. These faxes are received as TIF attachments, which can be easily viewed with Image Viewer so you don’t have to install additional software. These faxes can be printed, forwarded, saved on disk/network and faxed.


No need to distribute faxes from the fax machine to different locations - direct to the inbox of your Personal Computer Receive confidential documents in the Inbox of your PC - no papers lying around Fax file attachments are easily viewed with Image viewer that comes with Windows operating systems
Specially designed to accommodate huge volumes of incoming faxes to specific addresses No special additional hardware or software required Receive your faxes where you can receive email.

User Today!

AfgCall also can provide you fax 2 E-mail number. For regisrtation please contact with us today, we will provide the service during 12 hour.

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