PC to Phone Rates
Iran 0.11$
Pakistan 0.115$
India 0.07$
Bangladesh 0.07$
Kuwait 0.13$
USA 0.02$
Canada 0.02$
China 0.04$
Nepal 0.17$
Russia 0.05$
UAE 0.20$
Calling Cards Solution

Business Solution

As a leading vendor of VoIP equipment, AfgCall offers integrated, scalable, and cost-effective calling cards solutions. Such solutions feature powerful billing capabilities, intuitive CRM web portals, and proven interoperability with equipment from other leading VoIP vendors. Because all solution components are developed by the engineers at AFGCALL, that reduces the need for integration costs at the service provider level which saves money for customers and improves their return on investment.


Calling Cards Solution

We the international voip company calling card authorized agency for asain countries please contact and tell us which company calling card you need :

How does it solution work?
User Experience

  • The user purchases a calling card from a retail or online store.
  • The user dials the local or toll-free access number printed on the card.
  • The user hears a voice prompt, asking him to enter his PIN number.
  • The user enters the PIN number printed on the calling card using the phone dial pad.
  • He hears his account balance and is invited to make a call.
  • The user dials the number and gets connected.

The customer can use Calling card from PC2phone and Device to phone also via GSM or PSTN with access number


With afg call’s PC2phone services, you will be able to make calls from your home computer to virtually any phone in the world - at some of the lowest rates on the market.
All you need to start saving on your phone bill is:
  • A PC with minimum Windows 95 and a soundcard
  • An Internet-connection (minimum 56 Kbit/s)
  • A telephone headset (recommended)
  • An account with afg call.
  • The PC2phone software (can be downloaded for free here.)

If you do not already have an account with us, please click on SIGN UP and start saving money already today!


Our Device2Phone service eliminates the need of a PC to place calls, and it supports the latest devices that work on either H323 or SIP protocols (e.g.: Cisco ATA). These devices act as converters/adapters between the internet and normal analog phones, allowing IP phone calls to be made via these analog phones.

Our Web based Customer Service Management interface will allow resellers to generate accounts which can be configured into the devices before being issued to customers.

Resellers can offer this service to callshops as well as home users. If users wish to phone a normal PSTN phone line using the device, then they will be charged accordingly based on the rates provided by the reseller.
  • Supports all H323, SIP and IAX2 IP Phone Devices
  • Works behind NAT and Firewalls